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We're here to help you develop your music, acting, and creativity so that you can perform at your best.

We work with actors, singers, writers, pageant contestants, business professionals, artists, musicians, and anyone who is interested in performing.

Dorinda Dercar
Dorinda has appeared in theatre productions, films, and movies and has years of experience at bringing out the very best in actors, singers, dancers, and pageant contestants.

She can help you to improve your tone, breathing, presence, pitch, style, and delivery.

If you are on the road to performing arts success, Dorinda will propel you forward with her individual lessons, workshops, and classes.

Dorinda is also a successful pageant coach and coached the former Miss Teen USA, Hilary Cruz to her title as well as to Miss Teen Colorado. Dorinda has also coached other successful pageant candidates and can work with you on your presence, poise, wardrobe, and interviewing skills.

She earned both her Bachelors Degree and Masters Degree in Music from The College of New Jersey. Also an accomplished actor, singer and dancer, Dorinda has toured around the world and appeared on stage and film. She has also directed several important tap dance events in the Boulder, Colorado area.  She is frequently involved in film projects and musical productions.

Contact Dorinda:
Phone: 720.275.0866

Dorinda's IMDB page.

Douglas Brent Smith
Doug Smith
Douglas has toured with professional theatre companies including Child's Play Touring Theatre, Mustard Seed Theatre Company, and  The Bucks County Playhouse. He has also appeared in films, television, radio, and in bands.

His most recent theater appearances include "Anything Goes" "You Can't Take It With You" "Return To The Twilight Zone, Volume 7" "The Man Who Never Died" and "Postville".

He has his Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre and Communications from The College of New Jersey and a Masters of Science Degree in Organizational Leadership from Philadelphia Biblical University.  He also plays guitar, bass, percussion, and keyboards.

Douglas has over twenty-five years of business leadership and training experience at helping people to perform at their best and to achieve their goals with companies like AIG, General Electric, and Aon. His areas of exploration include writing plays and novels and making films. His theatre specialty is improv. He also plays in a Boulder classic rock band and he is the president of Front Range Leadership.

Both Dorinda and Douglas are also producers and performers with AEC Studios in Denver working on film projects.

Contact Doug:
Phone: 720.519.6179

Twitter: @douglasbrent

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